Vision & Values

Vision Statement

Children develop ambitions and aspirations through experiences that inspire and encourage them to enquire, learn and create using Christian Values to build strong foundations for a successful life.

Mission Statement

Create a rich and varied environment for learning where each individual has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and where everyone recognises and celebrates the diversity of our community.

The Four Cultural Strands

Our school has four Cultural Strands. These underpin our learning both inside and outside the classroom environment.

Our four strands are:

Achieve Good Health, and Well Being

Engage with the Arts

Embrace Cultural Diversity

Care for the Environment

Our School's Christian Values

The Academy aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian beliefs and practices.  It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Our school has six Christian values which form the foundation to everything we do at Thomas Bullock Church of England Primary Academy. These six values come from 'Values for Life', devised by the Ely Diocese and recommended by Diocese of Norwich Education Board, and form part of a three year programme of collective worship at our Academy. We look at each of these values in depth for a half term. Through collective worship we link our focus value to the Christian teachings, looking how these impact upon our everyday lives.

This forms part our Christian Ethos. For more details on this please click here.

Our Values for this academic year are:

Autumn Term, first half Courage
Autumn Term, second half Respect
Spring Term, first half Thankfulness
Spring Term, second half Compassion
Summer Term, first half Perseverance
Summer Term, second half Responsibility

British Values Statement

All children will take part in activities that will enable then to learn and explore the rule of law, the role of democracy and the British values and culture. this is an expected part of the curriculum and will link directly to our own school values and school culture.

Activities will include learning about British traditions and festivals as well as studying the four Saints of the British Isles. These experiences will be delivered in a variety of ways including during normal lessons and our usual Whole School Culture Days.

Through these experiences all children will develop a deeper understanding of how to become successful members and leaders of any community they become a part of now and in the future.