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Knowledge Mats

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1 & Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1My Local AreaToys in TimeTransport and TravelThe United KingdomOur Seaside: Now and Then
Everyday MaterialsAutumn and WinterAmazing AnimalsThe Seasons: Spring and SummerCommon Plants
Year 2Kings and QueensThe Great Fire of LondonPlanet EarthThey Made a DifferenceLife in Kenya
Animals and SurvivalUses of MaterialsLiving Things and their HabitatsProtecting Our EnvironmentPlants and Growth
Year 3Settlement and Land Use in the United KingdomStone, Bronze and Iron Age BritainEurope
(Case study: Italy)
Climate Zones and BiomesAncient Greeks
Skeletons and MusclesRocks and FossilsLight and ShadowsPlants:
Needs for Survival
Forces and Magnets
Year 4Roman InvasionsRoman BritainAmazon:
Rivers and Rainforests
Maya CivilizationThe USA
Teeth and DigestionStates of MatterClassification and EnvironmentsSoundElectricity
Year 5Anglo-Saxons and ScotsVikingsAsia: Volcanoes and EarthquakesBaghdad and the Middle EastThe Industrial Revolution
Earth and SpaceForcesProperties and Changes of MaterialsLife CyclesGetting Older
Year 6Ancient EgyptiansGlobal ChallengesConflict and ResolutionMapping the WorldMaking Our Mark
Light and PerceptionClassificationEvolution and InheritanceElectricity and CircuitsCirculation and Lifestyle

Religious Education

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