The Student & Families Support (SAFS) Team

The Student and Families Support Team (SAFS) works with children and families to enable these children to make better progress. We can support children and families with a range of issues, for example addressing academic difficulties, social and emtional problems, or special educational needs.

The members of this team have the specific task of supporting children and their families so that together we can help your child overcome barriers to learning. We can support in a range of way including providing one to one guidance for parents as to how to support their children’s education at home, providing financial support (school trips and equipment) or supporting parents when they attend appointments with other professionals.

Children are referred to the SAFS team by teachers and teaching assistants as a result of assessments made in every day class teaching. The attached Universal Entitlement Document describes many of the systems we have in place to support children and their families.

The team offers a range of support such as:

Parent Support Worker: The Parent Support Worker can arrange meetings to faciliate discussions between the child, family and school to address any problems there might be.

Academy Breakfast Club: Enables children to start the day in a calm and sociable atmosphere. It also offers support with Homework and offers a range of activities.

Accelerated Learning Sequences: These are offered to specific children to fill gaps in their learning.

Termly Learning Conferences: These are an opportunity for children to reflect on their learning, identify Next Steps and share successes.

Special Needs Provision and Support: children with identified special educational needs will be supported in school and by outside agencies as appropriate.

Who are the SAFS Team?

The SAFS Team is made up of the following members of staff:

Mrs D. Wall
SAFS Leader
“I’m responsible for overseeing the Team, liasing between the team and members of staff, and monitoring provision across the school. “
Miss C. Wright
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator
“I work children with Special Educational Needs and their families to make sure we can support the child’s learning”
Mrs J. Hardingham
Family Support Worker
“I meet with the children and their families to discuss any issues they maybe experiencing at home or school which are preventing them from making expected progress.”
Photo to come Wendy Heavens
Breakfast Club Leader
Photo to come Shannen Greaves
Breakfast Club Leader

“We run the academy’s Breakfast Club and make sure that the children arrive in class on time ready to learn.”