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PE and Sport Premium

At Thomas Bullock Primary Academy we believe that it is every child’s right to be offered a Physical Education that is challenging, fun and competitive. Therefore, we offer every child 2 hours of curriculum time PE per week.

The children are offered a wide range of sport in curriculum time and there are also a range of sporting clubs available throughout the year including football cricket, tennis, netball and gymnastics. We have recently achieved the GOLD award for PE which sets us out as a school that dedicates a great deal of time and effort to our physical education.

Through PE we can replicate many of our whole school values. Children regularly represent the school in a range of inter school and county competitions and in each event a values star is always chosen and celebrated in the following Friday Celebration Assembly.

Participation in PE and sport can improve a huge range of skills for children:

  • Positive attitudes, attributes and physical skills.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Behaviour.
  • Promotes inclusion and cohesion.
  • Introduces competition and the concepts of winning and losing.
  • Team work and listening skills.

Every year our school is allocated a sports premium budget. Details of the spending of this money and the impact of this can be found detailed below.

Sport Premium 2022-23
Sport Premium 2021-22
Sport Premium 2020-21
Sport Premium 2019-20
Sport Premium Funding 2018-19
Sport Premium Funding 2017-18
Sports Funding Spending and Development 2016-17
Year 6 Swimming overview 2021-22
Year 6 Swimming overview 2020-21
Year 6 Swimming overview 2018-19
Year 6 Swimming overview 2017-18