Our Academy Day

Timetable for the Thomas Bullock CE School Day

8:40-8:50amSoft Start- One member of staff from each KS group and SLT to meet children on the playground. Collect children from the playground promptly. Take register and complete FWR  
8:50amBus drop-off all year groups
8:55-9:201st Session- Reading Stars
9:20-10:202nd Session – _English, Grammar and Writing
10:20-10:35amCollective Worship
10:35-10:55amBreak (15 minutes outside staggered), ring bell. Collect children from
10:55-12:003rd Session – _Number Ninjas and Maths
11:45 to 12:45Reception and Year 1 Lunch
12:00-12:55Year 2- Year 6 Lunch
13:00- 13:10pmHandwriting
13:20-13:40pm3 in 3/ Retrieval Practice Session- Grammar, Maths, Reading Session
13:40-15:10/15pm4th and 5th Session PM Lesson
15:10pmStory/ Home-time Year R and KS1
15:15pmStory/ Finishing-up Home-time KS2

Drop off and Collection

Parents are encouraged to drop their children off and collect them outside of the the KS1  classrooms. The teachers are often available outside at the end of the day.

If normal arrangements have to be altered (for example someone else is collecting or you are running late), please contact the school office so we can let your child know.

Absence and Appointments

If your children is absent for any reason, please contact the school office as early as possble in order to let the school know. There is an answering machine service. If we have not been contacted we will send a text or phone.

If you need to take your child out of school for any reason please inform either the school office or their class teacher either the day before or on the morning. Children can be collected from the office area.