What should my child wear at Thomas Bullock?

At Thomas Bullock there is the expectation that every child will wear the approved uniform.

Expected Uniform:

  • Navy school sweatshirt with cardigan or logo
  • White polo shirt, white shirt or white blouse
  • Grey trousers, grey skirt, grey pinafore dress or grey shorts
  • Blue gingham dress / playsuit for summer
  • Grey or navy tights
  • Black shoes. No slip on shoes, coloured trainers, open tow sandals, high heels and no boots above the ankles
  • Not accepted: hoodies, sleeveless tops, leggings
  • No jewellery – one small stud earring is permitted in each ear
  • During wet weather children are allowed to wear wellies or have a change of footwear to wear on the school field
  • All children who have hair below shoulder length are to have it tied back in school at all times, including PE


Please make sure that all uniform and belongings are labelled with your child’s

We are proud of our uniform. The children look smart and ready to learn.

Our logo represents the vibrant, team based atmosphere that we all experience and it reminds us of our school values.

What should my child wear for P.E.?
Physical Literacy is as important at Thomas Bullock as Maths and English. So that all children are able to take part we have the following P.E. Uniform:

  • House coloured T-shirt only
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers for outdoor lessons
  • Plimsoles or clean trainers for indoor lessons
  • Navy tracksuits are recommended for outdoor lessons in cold weather
  • No patterned or non school logo kit are to be worn.

Your children will be expected to remove and replace their own earrings during P.E lessons. We would therefore suggest that children wait until the six week summer holiday before having their ears pierced.