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Early Years

The Early years Maths curriculum at Thomas Bullock follows White Rose as a resource to support planning and progression. Lessons are sequential; underpinning the skills and knowledge needed to not only achieve the Early Learning Goals but to also enable the children to be successful mathematicians in KS1 and beyond. Teaching is through practical delivery of key ideas, concepts and skills which are further embedded within continuous and enhanced provision.

KS1 & KS2

At Thomas Bullock Maths lessons are delivered to all class groups daily alongside a Number Ninja’s session.  These are underpinned by the National Curriculum. The White Rose Maths resource is used to support planning and progression of lessons, alongside the ready to progress criteria and NCETM mastery materials. Maths lessons at Thomas Bullock are structured to ensure that new skills are learnt and imparted through effectively teaching a sequence of lessons, therefore developing pupils’ fluencyproblem solving and reasoning skills through a CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract). Children learn and internalise key vocabulary for their lessons and are provided with a weekly growing list, specific to their lesson, that is displayed clearly on their working walls within their classroom. Children are encouraged to have courage, challenge themselves and take ownershipof their learning in order to build their resilience, perseverance and confidence to achieve. Lessons are taught in an interactive way providing children with a context that makes use of their experiences and links with their wider learning. Children have access to TTRS to allow them to work on their times tables from home in a fun and engaging way and allowing them to take responsibility for their home learning. We strive to engage children with a range of different experiences that transcend across cultural divides and offer pupils a rich and deep experience of understanding the power of Maths and ultimately supporting them to “let their light shine”.

The below document outlines the Maths Curriculum taught at Thomas Bullock and the journey that students take to become enthusiastic mathematicians.