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Phonics and Early Year Reading

At our school, children are taught systematic, synthetic phonics through the Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. This teaching begins with our Nursery pupils from the start of the Spring Term and feeds progressively into our Reception class and beyond. Children are taught in groups:

  • to all pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Two.
  • to any pupils in years Three and above who need further support in learning to decode.

Our qualified teaching staff have all undertaken additional Read, Write Inc. Phonics training and continue to keep up to date with current practises and theories to support the delivery of lessons.

Alongside our mainstreamed phonics teaching, identified pupils receive additional tuition with the 1:1 tutoring programme; designed to support pupils to ‘keep up’ and not require additional ‘catch up’.

In our Reception class and beyond, where children are blending to read words, our storyboard sessions are underway and a love of reading is begun as children practise reading with increased fluency and intonation using their ‘storyteller’ voices.

To ensure our phonics teaching is always pitched appropriately to your child, our teachers conduct individual pupil assessments. These provide the perfect opportunity for our pupils to show off all they have learnt so far and are often enjoyed by all.

Further information for parents can be found:

Read, Write, Inc useful information for families at home: